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Alec Pendleton’s business career stretches over fifty years, working in family companies with histories dating back as far as 1850.

He took control of a small, struggling business at an early age, sold off unprofitable divisions, rebuilt the factory, and quadrupled sales of the remaining division in seven years.

Moving on to a much larger and more prosperous family business, he arrived just as its markets were undergoing radical change, ending fifty years of easy prosperity and putting the company in jeopardy.  He did a leveraged buyout of the family, then radically re-structured the business.  He first attempted to replace made-in-USA product with imports, but found that that required a new skill set which the company didn’t have.  Recognizing that the high margins of previous generations were a thing of the past, he combined and modernized factories, reduced costs, and struggled for years to regain profitability.

Ultimately, he sold all of the low-margin businesses, retaining only a single division that had an enviable market position which enabled profitable domestic manufacturing.  He modernized processes and built a new factory, positioning the company for a prosperous future, and he continues today as CEO of that company.

Over the decades, his experience has included forging, casting, machining, machinery-building, electronic assembly, plastic-molding, and metal-finishing, commercial real estate, and technology start-up operations.

His considerable extracurricular activities have been focused on bringing a business perspective to arts organizations.  He has served in leadership roles with the Warren (Ohio) Chamber Orchestra, the Fine Arts Council of Trumbull County, the Youngstown Symphony, The Musical Theater Project, and the Cleveland Play House.

The Speech

Alec Pendleton has condensed a lifetime of business wisdom into a one-hour presentation. Focusing on how he turned a family business around by learning which financials matter, his speech is entertaining and delivered with warmth and sincerity. Please contact Alec if you are interested in having him come speak to your group.

Alec Pendleton
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